How To Edit Blogger Template

Whether you use mobile or desktop for blogging, its never been more than easy to edit blogger template. You don't have to take much stress worrying how you can figure things out, especially if you need to add a code to your web's theme.

First, I'll help you understand the important lines of code in blogger that you probably hear too often.

<head> Tag

The head tag is responsible for all the non-visual functions of your site. First, if you get asked to place a code after the <head> tag or before the </head>, it means you are to find a tag with that name. Use the search tab on your browser to find it.

<body> tag

This tag is responsible for whatever you see on your blog, i.e the visual part. Search for the body tag on the template of your site. You could be asked to either place a code after the <body> tag or before the </body> tag.

Other lines of code exists on the HTML of your site. If you need to edit your template, then follow whatever instruction you find online.

How To Edit Blogger Template

Head on to blogger and go to the blogger menu. Find the 'theme' tab and tap it. You will see  'edit template'. That is where we will edit the site's theme. Before any edits though, it is important to download a backup of your theme and that is found at the top right corner of the screen.

Note: Before editing anything on your blogger template, first parse the code you wish to add, especially if its JavaScript. If you don't, you won't be able to save the edited theme because blogger will not understand your input.

For desktop bloggers, editing the blogger template is just so easy. Press Ctrl +  F to search for any tags and paste your code.

For mobile bloggers'editing template is not so easy online and as such I've figured out a more easier way to that. Well, all you have to do is to download your blogger theme using the method above and then edit it on your phone before re-uploading it.

I've put up a list of code editors you can use to edit your template.

1) QuickEdit code editor

Its by far the coolest code editor I have discovered so far. It has a search and replace feature and much more. So if you want to download a code editor, it should be this one.

2) WPS office

This a text editor that supports word formatting. But it came as a surprise to me that it actually supports code editing. You can also search for whatever tags you are looking for.

3) DroidEdit

As cool as this code editor sounds, its also very tricky to use. The search feature has issues, so if you use it, you could end up deleting important lines of code in your template. Only use this if you know your way around.

Open your blogger theme with the code editor and edit. Once you successfully edit your template, re-upload it to blogger.

Cool, right? I know. If you follow these steps, I'm sure you will be able to edit your blogger theme in no time.

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