Google AdSense - How To Get Approved In Three Hours


Adsense is an ad network managed by google. It works by allowing bloggers display contextual ads on a site. That way, their site can be monetized. When visitors to a web page click on ads, the blogger will gain extra income.

Everybody loves Google AdSense for the quality of service, timely payments, and most importantly, the quality of the ads.

Bonus tip:  Once you get AdSense approval, you can try Its the best alternative to google Adsense.

Getting approval for AdSense from google has always been a challenge for bloggers because Google's policies have gotten stricter. There is no need to worry because this article will help to address that challenge. Do you know its actually possible to get AdSense approval in just three hours?

Now you are probably wondering how true that is because you have tried so hard to do this but all to no avail. Calm down and read this article. You will be shocked by how easy this is.

Step 1

Ensure you have good page navigation. Aside from your home page, make sure to add an 'About Us' page,  a 'Contact' page and a 'Privacy Policy' page.

Step 2

Visit Ezine Articles and pick a post from any category. For an additional advantage, pick posts that have a  1000 words count. You can find these kind of posts in the health category, etc.

Step 3

Using an Article Rewriter tool, rewrite the article and add It to your blog. Do this till you have over 50 posts count.

Find aswers to all your blogging questions - Just Ask Lia Step 4

Google says that adsense approval is not based on traffic but that is not a reason to take chances at all.You will need to run traffic to your blog. For this, we will do so with HitLeap. Download the software on your computer and leave it running with a stable internet connection. An alternative for bloggers who use their mobile phone for blogging is 10khits. Sign up for it and start surfing to gain traffic.

Step 5

Go ahead and create an Adsense application.

Bonus Tip: You can apply using a custom domain or a .blogspot domain. See how to get a free custom domain.

Before creating an AdSense application,

With those tips in mind, its time to apply for AdSense. Head on to the 'earnings' tab on blogger. Click the button, 'apply for AdSense'. You will be directed to a sign in page.

Login and add your website. Fill in your details in the page form. This is simple to do.

Next, fill in your payment details and save.

You will then be given a code to place in the HTML of your site. Place it after the opening <head> tag or before the closing </head> tag. Tick the box once you are done and submit.

Need help editing your blogger HTML? Learn more.

You will receive a response from google in less then three hours. Then, your AdSense account will be approved.

Have fun.

Comment if it worked for you.

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